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Community Guidelines

Vericel Corporation ("Vericel" "we", "our" or "us") recognizes the significant role that social media plays in the lives of the people and communities we serve.  Our presence on social media channels provides us a unique opportunity to interact with and be responsive to patients, families, healthcare professionals, employees, investors and other interested persons.  We are committed to interacting with all stakeholders legally, ethically and in accordance with regulatory standards.Our social media channels are intended for individuals in the United States who are 18 years of age and older. We welcome and encourage your participation and engagement.  When you engage with us and our content providers on social media, you also agree to abide by the following Community Guidelines, which apply in addition to the Terms and Conditions or other legal notices specific to each social media channel.

There are certain topics we are not able or willing to discuss on social media channels if comments, replies, forwarding, liking or other interactions are enabled on the social media channel.  Specifically, we will not:

  • Offer medical advice, whether related to our approved or investigational products or our disease states of interest, or otherwise provide professional advice of any kind.  An individual’s healthcare provider is the best resource for questions about their health.  We may share information about medical or health topics, which should not be construed as medical advice, but rather educational content presented solely for informational purposes.
  • Respond to adverse event reports and/or product complaints, and any such replies or comments will be forwarded to the appropriate department within Vericel and subsequently deleted, as social media is not the appropriate forum for these kinds of reports.  If you have experienced a suspected adverse event or think you may be experiencing an adverse event, you should seek advice from a healthcare professional.  If you wish to report a suspected adverse event or product complaint about a Vericel product, please contact Vericel at 1-800-453-6948 (MACI), 1-800-232-7546 (Epicel), 1-888-454-BURN (NexoBrid) or FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088 or for voluntary reporting of adverse reactions.  If you do post about an adverse event on our social media channels, we will follow-up and report the event.
  • Discuss Vericel products or products of other pharmaceutical companies with you.  Any questions or comments about specific products should be made to your healthcare professional.
  • Discuss or respond to comments about Vericel's corporate performance, partnerships, litigation or business operations; or personnel, including members of Vericel's Board of Directors.

The following types of comments and replies are not acceptable and we reserve the right to hide or delete those that, for example:

  • Use profane, defamatory, libelous, offensive, hateful or demeaning language, video, images or other media;
  • Are disparaging or threatening, to Vericel, other companies or individuals;
  • Promote illegal activity;
  • Discuss politics or religion;
  • Are misleading, fraudulent or deceptive;
  • Provide medical or professional advice of any kind, including through links to third party content or websites;
  • Are related to any of Vericel's approved or investigational products;
  • Contain proprietary, confidential, sensitive or non-public information about, or related to, Vericel, other companies or individuals;
  • Contain personal and/or identifying information about individuals (including the person who replies or comments);
  • Are promotional, solicitous or constitute advertising for other products or services;
  • Are excessively repetitive, SPAM or bot-like in nature or otherwise disruptive to the community;
  • Contain viruses, programs or other disruptive or damaging files;
  • Contain links, images, videos, or other media not owned by Vericel.

We reserve the right to remove or hide any comments that include such materials, and we may block, report, or remove any user who does not comply with these Community Guidelines. There may be additional scenarios not outlined above that lead to the removal or hiding of comments or blocking of users and Vericel reserves the right to remove or hide comments or block users at its reasonable discretion.

Responses, follows, likes, shares or other interactions with individual users, accounts or posts do not imply endorsement. Vericel does not endorse and is not responsible for information and opinions shared by social media users.

If you engage with us, you consent and give Vericel permission to communicate with you and to use any information, text and media associated with the interaction or post.

We may occasionally share links to third-party sites when we feel that the information is relevant or helpful.  However, this does not in any way constitute an official endorsement of the author, website, or company who owns the website or the information on that website.  Vericel is not responsible for content posted by third parties.

Please note that third-party social media channels also have access to information you share via social media.  For more details, read their Privacy Policy.  For additional information about privacy at Vericel, please see our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of Use

Neither Vericel nor our content providers shall be liable for any damages or injury arising out of your access to, or inability to access our social media channels or from your reliance on any information provided therein.  We disclaim any and all liability for direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, punitive, and special or other damages, lost opportunities, lost profit or any other loss or damages of any kind.  This limitation includes damages or any viruses, malware or ransomware, which may affect your computer or mobile device.

Vericel reserves the right to update these Community Guidelines at any time in its sole discretion.

Last updated 04/20/2023


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