Vericel California Consumer Privacy Act Personal Information Request

The purpose of this form is to provide a submission process for requests made pursuant to the California Consumer Privacy Act. Requests may be submitted by residents of California only. If you are not a resident of California, please refer to Vericel’s Privacy Policy for alternative methods of contact.

Identifying Information

Best method to contact you:

Are you an authorized agent submitting this request on behalf of a resident of California?

If yes, please provide the name of the individual for whom you are making the request

Are you, or if making a request as an authorized agent the individual on whose behalf you are acting, a resident of California?


1. To Update Information. I would like Vericel to update my personal information in accordance with the following:

2. To Delete (please select only ONE option). Vericel will contact you prior to deletion to verify your identity and confirm your request:

3. To Know. I request Vericel send me:

4. Copy of Vericel’s Privacy Policy:



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